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diatomaceous earth Kitchener Ontario Canada Utopian
diatomaceous Earth kitchener ontario canada Utopian

 Our Mission Statement

     We at Utopian Earth believe in a holistic and personalized approach to a healthy lifestyle, helping individuals like yourself to live life to it's fullest potential. We strive to be the top contender for a safe and organic product making it a more gentle solution for both you and your home. Our vision is to revolutionize the diatomaceous earth industry, bringing it to the forefront and being the leader in helping healthy people make healthy choices for their families and homes. We hope you enjoy your product and thank you for checking out Utopian Earth!

diatomaceous earth kitchener ontario canada utopian
diatomaceous earth kitchener ontario canada utopian
Active owner and COO

Craig R. Hoefler

Located in Kitchener, Ontario Canada!
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